Daily Program for Adrenal Recovery

Coastal Medical Clinic - Myrtle Beach, SC.

Sleep in until 9 am or so every chance you get and drink 8 oz water as soon as you wake up to hydrate your body.

Do light workout or relaxation and breathing techniques (see appendix) for 15 minutes before your morning shower. Try to give yourself 1 hour between the time you awake and the time you eat breakfast so that you can prepare yourself for the day and enjoy your breakfast.

Breakfast: Include protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. An example is omega-3 eggs with oatmeal or Ezekiel bread. Green tea or other beverage, and avoid coffee, black tea and colas. Chew your food well. Supplements: (see program)

Mid-morning Break @ 10 am: Snack should consist of protein, fats and complex carbohydrates. No caffeine or refined carbohydrates. An example is the meal replacements offered by Medifast if you are interested Donna can give you more information on how to order these as we also offer the Medifast Diet Program at Coastal Medical Clinic. Rest lying down for 15 minutes after the snack. Use breathing and relaxation techniques or anything else that makes you feel good.

Lunch @ Noon: Lunch should consist of protein, fats, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. No caffeine or refined carbohydrates. Chew well.

2:00 pm Break: Same as the mid-morning break. Supplements: (see program)

Supper @ 5 pm: Supper should consist of protein, fats, complex carbohydrates, 3 to 4 vegetables and possibly some fruit. No caffeine or refined carbohydrates. Chew well. Supplements: (see program)

7:00 pm: Do relaxation and breathing techniques.

9:30 pm: Small healthy snack to help you sleep.

10:00 pm: Bed!

General Guidelines:
Look for things that make you laugh. Read entertaining books or rent funny movies. Eliminate things in your life that drains your energy. Do something pleasurable every day.
Notice at least one small, everyday thing that you are grateful for each day.
Take your dietary supplements regularly.
Keep a journal and jot down your feelings and experiences each day.