Biography: Allen Smolenski, M.D.

Coastal Medical Clinic - Myrtle Beach, SC.

Emergency medicine has become the safety net for medical care in the United States. However, it also reflects how health care in this country has failed. I treat an increasing number of patients in the ER who suffer from preventable diseases illnesses that cause premature aging, suffering, disability and early death. Once unheard of, it is now common to see patients in their 20s present with acute coronary syndrome. Years of unhealthy diet and lifestyle has taken its toll on the youth of this nation and no where is it more apparent than in the ER.

I was no exception to the current culture. Three years ago I visited an amusement park with my family and was embarrassed when I could barely fit into the seat of a roller coaster ride. I had always envisioned myself as youthful and fit, but over time I allowed myself to succumb to the fate of most Americans. I was 232 lbs and 30% body fat basically the worse shape of my life. It took this little dose of reality to wake me up.

I scoured the latest research for help with nutrition and exercise. After trial and error I was able to transform myself with the help of a healthy diet, resistance and cardiovascular training, and a few supplements that met my individual needs, I lost nearly 60 pounds and entered my first bodybuilding contest.

In 2008 at the age of 44 I competed against men half my age and got 3rd place as a middleweight in the NPC Natural Northern USA Bodybuilding Contest. My patients, nurses and colleagues took notice and I was overwhelmed with requests for help. It was at this time that I discovered A4M and the fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I was excited to find a group of health care professionals dedicated to detection, prevention and treatment of aging related disease.

In May 2009 I founded Coastal Medical Clinic, an anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine practice in Myrtle Beach, SC. I now have patients coming to me as far away as Virginia for help with hormone balance, nutritional deficiencies and age related illnesses. In addition to my anti-aging clinic, I still practice Emergency Medicine and I take every opportunity to educate my patients on how they can change their lives with healthy decisions.

One of my most satisfying moments was when an exacerbated patient pronounced, "Thank God somebody finally knows how to help me!"

August 2004 October 2008
Dr Smolenski - before Dr Smolenski - after