Gastrointestinal Health

Coastal Medical Clinic - Myrtle Beach, SC.

Do you suffer chronic indigestion, “lactose intolerance”, and the need to take medications such as prilosec for “years”? Do you also suffer frequent sinus infections and seasonal allergies? One of the tests we offer is secretory IGA (sIGA). sIgA acts to prevent luminal antigens, microorganisms, and other foreign proteins from penetrating the intestinal surface, and neutralizes toxins and infectious organisms. Newer observations suggest that IgA also regulates the composition of the microbial environment of the gut and limits local inflammation induced by undesirable pathogen.

The typical gut problem often begins because of the over-production of cortisol, due to stress. Cortisol erodes the intestinal lining, which makes you more susceptible to food allergens, yeast, fungus, candida and parasites. Also, increased cortisol will decrease your immune system by reducing the level of sIgA. This will also make you more vulnerable to the above named problems and cause gut irritation such as bloating, gas, indigestion etc. Low sIGA can be caused by a long history of excess cortisol levels which not only results in Adrenal Fatigue but also may cause problems with digestion and immunity. The first step to improve your Gut health is to restore a healthy balance between cortisol and DHEA, reduce stress and regular exercise. At your visit I can test your GI system for toxins, chronic infections and food allergies. This will give us valuable information and help direct future treatment plans.