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What is Andropause?

At Coastal Medical Clinic we understand that men have hormone imbalances too. Unlike women who see their imbalances quickly because of their monthly hormonal changes, men's imbalances build up slowly. When they occur, men think that the changes in their body are "Natural."

What is not "Natural" are all of the hormones that are in our foods, the late hours that we keep, the amount of stress that we are under and the amount of coffee, sugar and wheat that we consume. All of these cause hormone imbalances. Men are reaching their peak fertility years with the lowest sperm counts of all of the world's history. Is it any wonder that when they reach 40 the sexual system's weakness passes the critical mark?

Using an integrative medicine approach Dr Smolenski understands that hormone imbalance and nutritional deficiencies are associated with many chronic diseases and health problems. These include almost every known medical disease including autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, breast, prostate and other types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia and Alzheimer's, hypertension, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), osteoporosis and many others.

Dr Smolenski uses bioidentical hormones, which are identical to what your body naturally produces. Dr Smolenski provides a detailed, thorough treatment plan not only to manage the symptoms of andropause and its related hormone deficiencies, but also to regenerate the body's endogenous mechanisms of self repair and growth to prevent and treat most medical diseases.

In andropause, men experience abnormal hormone levels, mainly testosterone. Andropause, or "male menopause", is best diagnosed with a thorough history and medical exam and by using laboratory tests that are very sensitive and specific for evaluating your individual hormones.

Signs of Low Testosterone, or Androgen Deficiency in Men:

  • Do you have low libido (sex drive)?
  • Do you lack energy?
  • Is your strength & endurance
  • Have you lost height?
  • Have you noticed decreased "enjoyment
    of life"?
  • Are you sad or grumpy?
  • Are your erections less strong?
  • Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  • Do you fall asleep after dinner?
  • Has there been deterioration in your work performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be suffering from low testosterone or androgen deficiency. Dr Smolenski provides a natural treatment for the symptoms of andropause, helping men regain their health, confidence and vitality.

Dr Smolenski's Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Program for Men

  • 2 hour-long initial consultation with Dr Smolenski - you will not feel rushed at Coastal Medical Clinic because we treat each patient the way we would want to be treated. You will find a family friendly environment that is conducive to education, understanding and compassionate care.
  • State of the art laboratory testing utilizing saliva, urine and blood specimens to assess hormone balance, cardiovascular risk factors and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Customized comprehensive Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Anti Aging treatment program. You will receive a copy of your labs and a written plan that details your unique needs and gives an overview of the latest medical and scientific research that is used to formulate your treatment goals.
  • Advanced metabolic and genomic testing is offered to guide breast and prostate cancer prevention.
  • Fitness, nutrition and weight loss programs are offered as needed.
  • Stress reduction strategies are essential to balance anabolic and catabolic hormones.
  • Highest quality bioidentical hormones are provided through the convenience of a local compounding pharmacy. For those who live outside the Myrtle Beach, SC area or who prefer a more private delivery method, arrangements can be made for shipping to your home or office.
  • A customized vitamin program that supplies all of your pharmaceutical grade neutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals and herbs in convenient daily packets. This program frees our busy patients from the need to go "shopping", and it saves them money too since these customized supplements cost less than the sum of the individual products if purchased separately.

Ongoing evaluations that focus on balancing your hormones in accordance with your symptoms is critical for an effective bioidentical hormone program

To determine your individual needs, state of the art diagnostic testing utilizing saliva, urine and blood specimens are used to assess your hormone balance. After starting bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr Smolenski meets with you to discuss your progress and symptoms and to monitor your hormone levels.

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